kombucha heating tray

Kombucha Electric Heating Tray (Four sizes)

Simple and economical to use Cuts down on Kombucha fermentation time Foolproof fermentation Produces healthy...



Dried Mature Green Papaya (Pawpaw) Powder 16oz (454g)

Mature Green Papaya (Pawpaw) Fruit contains an excellent source of enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Mature...



Kidney Cleanse 250ml


Blood Cleanse & Tonic 250ml

Echinacea - Reported to be highly beneficial in boosting the immune system. It is said...



Olive Leaf Extract throat spray cool mint 30ml

Efficacy Arnold Takemoto, an American biochemist, has found that olive leaf extract is a "beneficial...


Kombucha Jar CF2

The Authentic Kombucha Continuous Fermentation Jar

An alternative to making a new batch of Kombucha brew every week is to use...


Nervine Tincture 100ml

For anyone of a nervous disposition or for conditions affecting the nervous system, Nervine Tincture...



Starwest Botanicals Dried Papaya Leaf 113g

The fruit of the Papaya, or Pawpaw, (carica papaya) is well known for its nutritional...


Simplex pH test strips

100 pH test strips

100 pH test strips for saliva and urine


cats claw

Cats Claw Tincture 250ml

Cat's Claw is a herb derived from the inner bark of a Peruvian vine. It...



Kombucha Drinking Tumblers

Light grey in colour decorated with a blue leaf. Made to match Kombucha Fermentation Jars....



Sklenar Kombucha Capsules 90 capsules

Dr. Sklenars recipe for Kombucha Capsules is a dietary supplement of natural ingredients made from...



Male Hormone Balancer 250ml



MSM Physiological Nutritional Sulphur 200g

MSM is reported to be able to normalise certain body functions in patients displaying physiological...



Kombucha 2000 Capsules 30caps.

A dietary supplement of fermented Kombucha tea. Promotes healthy liver and digestion function. Contains 555mg...


Herbal Intestinal Cleansing Programme Part 2

  The second part of the 2 part cleansing programme is a soothing mixture of...